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  • prof.dr. Ingmar Franken

    Addiction and risk behaviour

    Neurocognitive aspects of addiction and addiction treatment.

  • prof.dr. Hanan El Marroun

    Drug use and brain development

    Drug use in pregnancy and adolescence, effects on behaviour, cognition and brain development measured by MRI.

  • dr. Janna Cousijn

    Development of addictive behaviour, from brain to society

    A cognitive neuroscientist with an interdisciplinary background in biology, psychiatry and psychology. Research particularly into cannabis and alcohol use among young people and adults.

  • dr. Michiel Boog

    Addiction treatment

    Psychotherapy and addiction.

    Michiel Boog
  • dr. Reshmi Marhe

    Addiction in Forensic context

    Drug use in forensic populations and young people with multiple problems.

    Reshmi Marhe
  • drs. Miranda Lutz

    Externalising disorders and self-regulation

    Adolescents, cognition, externalising disorders.

  • drs. Olga Boer

    Drug use in adolescence Brain imaging (EEG & MRI)

    Psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

  • drs. Karis Colyer-Patel

    Cannabis and alcohol use among young people and adults

    Cognition and brain development.

    Karis Colyer-Patel
  • drs. Alix Weidema

    Cannabis and alcohol use among young people and adults

    Cognition, social processes and brain development.

    Alix Weidema
  • drs. Sara Brouwer

    Effectiveness of schema therapy for addicts with personality disorders

    Treatment addiction, mental health care, schema therapy.

  • drs. Henrico Stam

    Time estimation, impulsiveness and substance use

    Statistics, methods, cognitive psychology.


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