At the BRICS Lab, we believe that it is important to share the knowledge we gain through our research projects. You can find further information about the research being conducted at the BRICS Lab below.

  • Research report Covid-19 measures

    Commissioned by the RIVM Corona Behavioral Unit, Pharos and Erasmus University Rotterdam investigated the information, compliance and impact of the Covid19 measures. Read the research report on corona measures.

    Martijn Baudoin
  • Article 'Gedragsverandering cruciaal in strijd tegen Covid-19'

    The Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde published an article in which we discussed the significance of behavioral change in the fight against Covid19.

    Serj Sakharovskiy
  • Research into remote care by general practitioners

    Healthy’R explored how general practices can continue to provide care remotely and the impact this has on help-seeking behavior. Moreover, the satisfaction among diverse patient populations was examined. In this video, Professor Semiha Denktaş speaks on Healthy’R.

    Read more about the remote GP care research.

  • TedTalk Semiha Denktaş

    In 2015 professor Semiha Denktaş gave a TedTalk on nudging.

    The next big advance in health outcomes will have to come from behavioral change. According to Semiha Denktaş ‘nudging’ will be the next big thing; nudging individuals to make healthy decisions on their own.

  • Interview Semiha Denktaş by Jocko Rensen

    Jocko Rensen interviews prof. dr. Semiha Denktaş about behavior, lifestyle and health. Semiha Denktaş speaks on the relationship between people, behavior and their health. She includes recommendations for aldermen and municipalities. An interview in response to Semiha Denktaş’ speech took place at the board conference of the GGD region.

  • Speech by Semiha Denktaş at the BIG’R launch

    At the initiative's launch, prof. Dr. Semiha Denktaş explains how she came up with the idea of BIG’R. She explained that many health issues stem from human behavior and how ‘nudging’ can help people make better choices.

  • Erasmus Academie Webinar

    Watch the Erasmus Academy Webinar on How to Change Human Behavior During the Corona Crisis.

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