European Union and International Governance

  • prof. dr. Markus Haverland

    European Union and comparative politics

    Policy-making in the European Union and its interaction with the member states, in particular Germany and the Netherlands.

  • dr. Michal Onderco

    International relations

    International security (with focus on weapons of mass destruction), domestic politics of foreign policy.

  • dr. Asya Zhelyazkova

    European public policy, Executive politics in the EU, policy implementation

    Policy making, enforcement and implementation in the EU, in particular, comparison between Western and Central and Eastern European countries. Responsiveness and legitimacy of EU institutions.

  • dr. Clara Egger

    International Relations

    Crisis governance and development, aid effectiveness, domestic sources of international cooperation, political violence, democratization


    Clara Egger
  • dr. Saliha Metinsoy

    International Relations

    International and Comparative Political Economy, Global governance, international organizations, IMF programs, collective mobilizations, unrest, labour markets, labour mobility, and migration.

  • dr. Pieter Tuytens

    Comparative political economy  

    Comparative welfare systems (with focus on the welfare-finance nexus); Politics of long-term policymaking.  

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