Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

Robotic Surgery - Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society
  • prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven

    Professor ter Hoeven is the scientific director and coordinator of the interdisciplinary master and research program ‘Organizational Dynamics in the Digital…
    prof.dr. (Claartje) CL ter Hoeven
  • dr. (Francisca) F Grommé

    Francisca Grommé is an assistant professor in Digitalisation in work and society. She works from a background in science and technology studies (STS), political…
    dr. (Francisca) F Grommé
    • (Ryan) RA Morgan, MSc

      Ryan Morgan is a PhD student whose research centers on the coproduction of technology and society. He studies how emerging technologies challenge and shape…
      (Ryan) RA Morgan, MSc
    • Joëlle van der Meer

      Digitalization and new ways of working

      I study how digitalization affects new ways of working and changes the nature of what should be expected of an employee. 

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