Behavioural Research with Impact through Collaboration with Society-Lab

How can we ensure that people start living healthier lives and remain healthy?

Science contributes to behavioral change

We believe that scientific knowledge regarding the human experience and behavior can make a positive contribution to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for you and those around you. We focus on groups as well as individuals, youth and elders.

Health'R: centre for behavioural change and healthy behaviour

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Behavioural Insights Group Rotterdam

As a city, how can you ensure that the municipal policy actually works in practice?


How do you stimulate healthy behavior in citizens?

Interdisciplinary approach

Our research aims to have a positive lasting impact on science and the society. To meet this goal, we will combine psychology, child and family studies with other disciplines such as sociology, health sciences (public health and epidemiology), public administration, behavioral economics and communication media studies. This approach will allow us to include and highlight underrepresented groups.

Contributing to society’s well-being

We want to contribute to the well-being of Rotterdam, our region and beyond. Our team is diverse and works interdisciplinary prioritizing high quality research. We strive to conduct meaningful and innovative research. Our mission is represented in equal partnerships with social partners and citizens.

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