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Erasmus Love Lab
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What do we research at Erasmus Love Lab?

The interdisciplinary research team of the Erasmus Love Lab performs scientific research on intimate relationships, love, and sexuality. Investigated topics include relational and sexual health across the lifespan, relational and sexual development of youth, positive and negative aspects of intimate relationships and sexuality, and the role of relevant biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors.

Why and how are we doing this research?

The set-up and mission of the Erasmus Love Lab are unique in the Netherlands and internationally. The research team is embedded in multiple social and behavioural disciplines, including Pedagogical Sciences, Clinical (Youth) Psychology, Sociology, and Demography. The physical Erasmus Love Lab space is specifically designed to accommodate research and clinical activities on sensitive topics. It offers a welcoming, homely atmosphere, with extra attention for privacy, confidentiality, comfort and safety. It facilitates numerous research methods to study individuals, dyads (e.g., couples), and groups, including (online) questionnaires, experimental computer tasks, diary/experience sampling methods, interviewing, focus groups, (video)observations, and physiological measures.

How does our research make an impact?

The societally relevant outcomes of the scientific research conducted by the Erasmus Love Lab is disseminated to broad audiences, societal debates, and specific stakeholders (e.g., youth, parents, teachers, youth workers, clinicians, and educational and public health policy makers). Our impact activities include media interviews and articles, lectures and public performances, education for students and professionals (e.g., ESSB Academy). We also contribute to a university-wide campaign to promote social safety and sexual health among students.

The Erasmus Love Lab collaborates with other national and international scientists, other labs at Erasmus University Rotterdam (Movez Lab, BRICS Lab, SYNC Lab), the Diversity & Inclusion Office of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rutgers (Dutch expert centre on sexuality), and the Dutch Scientific Association for Sexology (NVVS).

The Erasmus Love Lab welcomes new interdisciplinary collaborations. Interested researchers from within and outside Erasmus University Rotterdam (also internationally), students, stakeholders (e.g., societal partners), can contact the Erasmus Love Lab via the contact form.

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