Student counsellors

Information provision, support, advice and education

For study-related questions, please contact your study advisor. If you have any questions and/or problems involving regulations and statutory provisions, please contact the student counsellors. This could include questions regarding your legal position and Dutch legislation; this thus concerns questions or issues that do not directly involve the curriculum (the content of the programme), but you as a student.

The student counsellor can also help you in special cases. For instance, if you participate in elite sports or you have a functional impairment, you can ask the student counsellor to help you plan your study and, for instance, request a grant.

Students who are parents

Students who are pregnant or have young children can contact the student counsellors or the study advisor with questions regarding study planning or other issues. A Partou childcare facility is located on campus Woudestein.

You can also visit the student counsellor for other issues including:

  • Finances (tuition fees, student grant or loan) and financial support for personal circumstances
  • Study progress (e.g. BSA, illness or personal circumstances)
  • Enrolment, terminating enrolment, admission and graduating
  • Support in applying for a student grant from private funds
  • Requesting grants for board membership
  • Problems with your faculty (mediation, complaints, objections and appeals)
  • Study choice, planning and motivation, as well as how to study, and taking exams
  • Housing: for questions and advice on obtaining a priority procedure.

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Are you looking for counselling for 
existential questions? Contact the Studentpastor


The Erasmus University Rotterdam student counsellors

  • Olav Bollen

    Mr. O. (Olav) Bollen MSc
    Erasmus MC: Tue 1.00 pm -5.00 pm
    Woudestein: Wed to Fri

  • Jenny Dijkstra

    Ms. drs. A.W. (Jenny) Dijkstra MSc
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri
    Contact person elite sports 

  • Marlijn Timmermans

    Ms. M. (Marlijn) Timmermans-Muller MA
    Woudestein: Tue to Thurs
    Contact person students with a functional impairment

  • Myrte Dokter

    Ms. M.M. (Myrte) van der Wiel-Dokter LLM
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri

  • Foto van studentdecaan Evelien Vink, gespecialiseerd in Studeren met een Functiebeperking

    Ms. E. (Evelien) Vink MA
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs (every other week)
    Contact person students with a functional impairment