Studying with a functional impairment

with a functional impairment

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Erasmus University Rotterdam believes that it is important that all students can make the best use of their talents. Team Studying with a Functional Impairment (Team SMF) devotes themselves to achieving this ambition and are committed to supporting students with a functional impairment.

Students with an impairment include students with a physical disability or chronic illness, with dyslexia or another learning difficulty, and mental health conditions. 

Who are Team SMF?
Team SMF is part of Team Student Support and consists of two Student Counsellors. Together they work hard to shed light on the available study provisions for students with an impairment. The team focuses on creating 
university-wide provisions, such as text to speech software for students with a visual handicap or improving campus accessibility. To make this possible, they work closely together with all parties involved, such as the Student Advisors, Examination Board and Real Estate and Facility Services. 

What can you do?
If you are studying at Erasmus University (or you are intending to do so) and you need additional provisions, please contact your study advisor as soon as possible. Team SMF is here to help you, but we can only do this once you have indicated what type of support you need. On the page 'Request extra facilities', you can find more information on how to submit a request. 

What else does Team SMF have to offer?

  • You can make an individual appointment with the Student Counsellor. 
  • You can request a peercoach (= a fellow student who you can contact for some extra support) 
  • Several interesting workshops!
  • Team SMF has a team of SMF ambassadors. These ambassadors are students with a functional impairment who help other students, who give input when there are policy changes and who are present during events to give information to prospective students (and their parents). Are you interested in becoming an ambassadors? Please contact Team SMF via

Team SMF: 

  • Ms. R. (Regina) de Bruijn - Boot MA 
    Woudestein: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri
    Student Counsellor for students with a functional impairment

  • Ms. M. (Marlijn) Wagenaar MSc
    Woudestein: Mon - Thur
    Student Counsellor for students with a functional impairment. 

How to improve student life

with a functional impairment?

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