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Ingrid Blankesteijn

Racism is a major social problem that also still occurs regularly in Rotterdam. However, care providers do not always recognize the impact of racism on their clients. In her master's thesis, Ingrid Blankesteijn, a graduate of the LDE master's in Governance of Migration and Diversity, shows among other things that racism and discrimination can be sickening. With her master thesis 'The elephant in the treatment room' she won the 10th Rotterdam Thesis Award.

Jamila Robbeson

Rotterdam has traditionally been a traffic and fossil fuel oriented city. The realisation of the energy transition to more electric transport therefore poses many challenges for Rotterdam. Many of the city's residents do not have their own private parking spaces and are therefore dependent on the public charging infrastructure. Jamila Robbeson used various research methods to map out consumer preferences with regard to the public charging infrastructure. The jury was impressed by the different methodologies she applied in a very good way.

Jamila Robbenson
Alexander Santos Lima

Mareen Bastiaans

The winner of the Rotterdam Thesis Award 2020 is Mareen Bastiaans with her research entitled 'Labor market and health effects of an activation program for the long-term inactive'. Work activation is a very relevant theme for Rotterdam and Mareen has tried to go a step further than current research into the effects of work activation programmes. According to the jury, the research is exceptionally well-designed and, in order to answer her complex question, she went in search of an innovative combination of data files.

Mareen Bastiaans wint Rotterdam scriptieprijs 2020

Myrthe van Delden

The winner of the 2019 Rotterdam Thesis Award is Myrthe van Delden, with her survey entitled ‘A design against crime’. Van Delden has made an extensive analysis of the fight against undermining crime in Rotterdam-Zuid. The jury lauds her extensive data collection activities and case studies, which have yielded valuable insights in a number of areas – nudging in the context of complex policy problems, for example. In her thesis, Van Delden not only focuses on combating crime via repressive measures; she also examines which options there are to influence people’s behaviour for the better. This alternative approach aligns very well with the Municipality’s wish to make more extensive use of positive behaviour influencing strategies and ‘positive safety’ in the fight against crime. Van Delden’s thesis can make a valuable contribution to this endeavour!

Myrthe van Delden wint scriptieprijs rotterdam 2019
Michelle Muus


Alumnus Master in Management, Evan van der Holst. ‘A Search for a Fertilizer for Social Enterprises’.

Alumnus Public Administration, Dee Dee Smeets, MSc. Alleenstaande moeders & de Tegenprestatie. ‘Thuis zitten is geen optie en iedereen kan wat’. Maar wat als je een alleenstaande moeder bent?’

Alumnus of Media, Culture & Society, Wander van Baalen. Creating Space Together: An Ethnographic Case Study at the Pauluskerk.

Alumnus Sociology, Arend van Haaften.  Het maatschappelijk middenveld als ‘sociale incubator’.

Alumnus Criminology, Jeroen van den Broek. 'Van de straathoek naar Facebook: Een onderzoek naar het gebruik van social media door jongeren binnen de straatcultuur'.

Alumnus of RSM, Rianna van Nieuwland.'How managing pipeline connectedness affects firm-level innovation and sustainable competitive advantage in the context of industrial ecology'.

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