TRACKEUR collects data

What can TRACKEUR see?

  1. The routes you walk.
  2. How quickly you follow the route.
  3. The date and time associated with an anonymous ID.
  4. The data that the respondent enters into the surveys during the survey.

TRACKEUR uses surveys and your location data for the collection of data. When the research is published, the collected data can no longer be traced to 1 person.

TRACKEUR uses surveys and your location data for the survey. The combination of these two data makes it possible to arrive at new insights. For example, the insights from the study show that many participants who follow the same route give a lower rating to their overall impression. This may be a coincidence, but perhaps their route was not pleasant to walk.

With this kind of insight, companies and municipalities can come up with better solutions and manage them in a targeted manner. 

TRACKEUR was developed by Erasmus Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics together with Erasmus IT Development. TRACKEUR makes it possible to conduct transparent research into the use of facilities in public spaces.

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