TRACKEUR privacy statement

In this privacy statement you can read about the way TRACKEUR collects and processes your data. This privacy statement informs you with respect to your rights, as well as how to exercise these rights. You can always view this privacy statement on this page. The privacy statement may be amended, for instance due to changing legislation. Therefore, we advise you to consult the statement on a regular basis. This privacy statement is from the 21st of June 2019


TRACKEUR is a research tool of the Erasmus Centre for Urban Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT) of Erasmus University Rotterdam. TRACKEUR has been developed at Erasmus University Rotterdam by the department for IT Development and Erasmus UPT. 

The TRACKEUR research team can be reached via:


phone: 010-4081186 (secretariat, Erasmus UPT)

post: Burgemeester Oudlaan 50,  3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands 

In addition, specific questions can be directed to Marlon Domingus, Data protection officer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He can be reached via

Personal data

TRACKEUR requests your explicit consent to collect the following personal data: 

  • Location data
  • Information you volunteer in the surveys

If you do not provide your consent, you are unable to participate in research projects conducted with the TRACKEUR tool. In our surveys we ask you questions on gender and age. In these cases we will always provide the option: ‘decline answer’. If you select this option, you can still participate in the research project. 


TRACKEUR is a research tool and can be used for various research projects. The specific objective(s) of a particular research project can always be viewed in the section ‘about this research project’ in the TRACKEUR appThe objectives fall within the purview of fundamental or applied scientific research and is conducted in close cooperation with governments and private companies. 

Sharing personal data with third-parties

The personal data of individuals collected by TRACKEUR will not be shared with third-parties. Results are always anonymized prior to publication. 

Personal data may be used for applied research that has been funded by third-parties (financers). The financer receives a publication of results only. Erasmus UPT will never sell your data to third-parties and will only share your data to fulfill our agreement with you or to meet a legal requirement. 

Data security

We take appropriate security precautions to ensure that the risk of unauthorized access to and misuse of your data is reduced. We ensure that only authorized people have access to the data, that access is restricted and that our security precautions are regularly updated. The following security measure have been implemented:

  • Personal data is collected using a pseudonym and stored in an encrypted database with access restrictions managed by Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Login in TRACKEUR is anonymous. The user is not requested to register.
  • Each research project is limited in geographic scope. Location data collected outside the specified geographic scope are not stored in the database.
  • Each research project is limited to a specific timeframe. After the time-frame expires, location data collected outside the specified time-frame are not stored in the database. 
  • Each user can remove location data from the smart phone running TRACKEUR. Data stored in the database cannot be removed to preserve the integrity of the research project. 

If you are under the impression that your data are not adequately secured or if you suspect your data is misused, please contact


Your personal data identified by a pseudonym is stored for ten year after publication of the final research publication. The retention period may be changed to conform to the VSNU-code of conduct. Your data may be used by other researchers appointed by Erasmus University Rotterdam to reproduce the research results as part of an inquiry into scientific integrity. Researchers appointed to an evaluation committee on research ethics and integrity will be held to the same requirements as set out in this privacy statement. 

Rights of participants

Since TRACKEUR has an academic objective in line with article 44 of the ‘uitvoeringswet AVG (UAVG)’, the right to view, rectify or limit the degree of processing of your data is not applicable and has been made impossible by the design of the app.  You have the right to: 

  • Stop participating in the research project

You can stop participating by removing TRACKEUR from your smart phone. The data collected and stored up to that point will remain part of the database. If you reinstall the app, your data will be coded as a new user. It is also possible to pause location tracking, you can do this by tapping the pause button in the TRACKEUR app. 

Erasmus UPT would like to inform you that you have the option to file a complaint with the national government authority on privacy which is called the ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’. 

About Erasmus UPT

TRACKEUR has been developed by Erasmus UPT and IT Development of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Erasmus UPT is a BV under EUR Holding. Erasmus University Rotterdam is 100% owner of the EUR Holding.

The researchers involved at Erasmus University Rotterdam follow the scientific integrity code.

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