Advantages of working with TRACKEUR

TRACKEUR has been developed to conduct transparent research into the use of facilities in public spaces. Facilities such as parking garages, public transport, shopping centers, but also cycle paths and tourist facilities.

What is transparent about Trackeur?

Users of the app give explicit permission for the use of their data. Data collected by activating the app. In addition, the transparency lies in the following of the users via their location provision in their mobile phone. Also the fact that users fill in surveys during the use of the app.

What is the added value of TRACKEUR?

Working with TRACKEUR has the following benefits:

  • TRACKEUR provides insights that would otherwise only be available by doing multiple studies.
  • Via TRACKEUR, hard data can now be linked in one and the same study.
  • This provides clear insights that make better informed and validated analyzes possible.
  • As a result, the basis on which policy is made is stronger and more transparent.
  • This also makes it possible to evaluate and adjust in a more targeted way.

Is TRACKEUR suitable for policy research?

Certainly. TRACKEUR can be applied for multiple policy purposes and issues. This means that TRACKEUR can be used specifically as a research tool for a specific issue or problem. There is sufficient data to conduct research in a fast and efficient manner. TRACKEUR is particularly suitable for implementing and adjusting policy in a more targeted manner.

Curious about your policy solution through research with TRACKEUR?

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