Trackeur offers targeted real-time data

TRACKEUR is a new innovative tool that collects data in a highly targeted manner. The innovation lies in the real-time collection of data with the permission of TRACKEUR users.


TRACKEUR is an app-based research tool. TRACKEUR has been developed by Erasmus Center for Urban, Port and Transport Economics together with Erasmus IT Development. TRACKEUR has been developed to conduct transparent research into the use of facilities in public spaces. This includes research into the spatial use of cycle paths and public transport areas. Or how do tourists use the public spaces in the center? To which places do they go linked to tourist hotspots?

What data does TRACKEUR collect?

TRACKEUR collects hard and soft data. Hard data is the location data, such as: where has the respondent been during the research period? Soft data is the information from completed surveys during the usage of TRACKEUR.


TRACKEUR offers the Erasmus UPT experts the opportunity to conduct real-time research. This allows them to present fully validated applicable research results. This means:

  • direct deepening of knowledge and data
  • targeted solutions from validated scientific research

Who is TRACKEUR for?

TRACKEUR is very suitable for governments that want specific research for various issues, policy themes and future scenarios or visions. But companies can also gain important insights through TRACKEUR.

Do you want to know what TRACKEUR can do for you?

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