English Post-Master Program Registeraccountant (RA)

Dutch Qualified Auditor (RA) | English Post-Master

A registeraccountant is a cornerstone in the corporate governance of entities. By auditing financial statements and ESG (sustainability) statements, the registeraccountant fulfills an essential role in adding credibility to public information. This benefits companies’ stakeholders: shareholders, banks, employees and society at large.

English Post-Master Dutch Auditor (RA)

Why take this Post-Master?

Auditing is more than just checking the numbers. A registeraccountant needs to understand the entity’s   strategy and business risks. He or she reviews the internal controls to ensure reliability of information. IT security, including cyber risks, is an integral part of those internal controls. Preventing and detecting fraud is another main focus of the activities of a registeraccountant. From 2024 on, the registeraccountant is also involved in guaranteeing reliable and transparent information regarding sustainability reporting.

ESAA (Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance), part of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, provides the Post-Master program to become a registeraccountant. That program has always been in Dutch. But from September 2024 on, we will also have an English language program, for English speaking students that want to make an auditing career in The Netherlands, or for Dutch speaking students that prefer to follow an English language program, for instance while they primarily work for international clients.

Key Facts & Figures of this Post-Master

The fee of the English Post-Master Registeraccountant (RA) depends on your specific situation/the amount of deficiencies. 

The classes of the English Post-Master Registeraccountant (RA) will take place at the campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The classes will be in English. 

The outline of the program
In September 2024 you will start with Dutch Law courses, consisting of:
- Dutch Private Law
- Dutch Corporate Law
- Dutch Tax Law
Depending on your previous education, you might also do self-study on selected topics.

Dutch-speaking student are exempted from these courses when they have already passed the subjects.

From April 2025 you enroll in the core courses to become a registeraccountant, consisting of:
- Bookkeeping (unless you are exempted)
- Corporate Reporting for Auditors (Financial Accounting)
- Ethics and Sustainability (unless you are exempted)
- Internal Control & Accounting Information Systems
- Financial Auditing (Accounting & Assurance)

September - December 2024

Dutch Law courses

  • Dutch Private Law
  • Dutch Corporate Law
  • Dutch Tax Law
  • Other topics for self-study
April - June 2025Bookkeeping
Corporate Reporting for Auditors
September 2025 - June 2026Ethics and Sustainability
Internal Control & Accounting Information Systems
September 2026 - June 2027Financial Auditing

There are no classes from January to March because you are then in the 'busy season' at your audit firm. And you have free time in summer to relax and to visit your family abroad.

The program to become a registeraccountant is a Post-Master Program. This means that a Master of Science is a prerequisite.

We advise you to hold an MSc degree in Accounting, Auditing & Control from the Erasmus School of Economics (Specialization Accounting and Auditing) or an MSc degree in Accounting & Financial Management from the Rotterdam School of Management (Accountancy track).

You can also start the program with other MSc degrees, but you then probably will have to do some extra courses.

If you hold a foreign degree, you should obtain a credential evaluation by Nuffic

At the top of this web page you’ll find the button ‘Admission application’. This leads you to the downloadable form ‘Application for admission English Post-Master Program Registeraccountant. Fill out the form and send it to us via email (esaa-acc@ese.eur.nl) together with copies of your (provisional) grade lists and diplomas. We will then develop your study program. The letter with the study program is only intended to inform you. It is not a registration for our program. The letter is prepared for you free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

Please contact us if you have any questions, preferably by email.

Course Coordination Center

+31 10 408 23 40
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 | Van der Goot Building, Room M5-21
3061 PA

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