(Geert) GR Teisman


Prof. dr. ing. Geert Teisman (1956) is professor in Complex Decision Making and Process Management at the Department of Public Administration of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He holds degrees in Transport and Sociology.

His PhD thesis concerned the phenomena of complex decision making especially in the field of urban development, transport en environmental affairs. The thesis was published in 1992 and followed by a second edition in 1995 and a third edition in 1998.

Between 1997 and 2000 he was professor in Spatial Planning at the University of Nijmegen. Since 2000 he is professor in Complex Decision Making and Process Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Furthermore, he holds several positions on the boundaries of scientific research and practical applications. He is a member of the Board of Habiforum, a joint venture between science, private sector and public authorities, and exploring possibilities of multiple land-uses. He is also scientific director of the foundation Living with Water, governing a variety of projects in which water system improvement is one of the important aims. And he is on the Executive Board of Netlipse, a European knowledge exchange network in the field of infrastructure project management.

On a regular basis he gives advice to governments and private organisations on topics such as complex decision making, strategic planning, public-private partnerships, process management, intergovernmental co-operation in metropolitan areas and policy evaluation.

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Professor emeritus | Governance and Pluralism


  • Geert Teisman (2013) - International Journal of Water Governance (print) (Journal)
  • Geert Teisman & WJ Oosten (2000) - Expert meeting inzake methodiek meervoudig ruimtegebruik

  • Hans Quak

    Sustainability of Urban Freight Transport: Retail Distribution and Local Regulations in Cities
  • Martijn Burger

    Structure and Cooptition in Urban Networks
  • Erik Braun

    City Marketing: Towards an Integrated Approach
  • Ronald Wall

    NETSCAPE: Cities and Global Corporate Networks

News regarding (Geert) GR Teisman

Complexiteit niet wegmoffelen maar onderkennen en erkennen Geert Teisman stelt in zijn afscheidsrede op 6 okt. aan de EUR dat complexiteit een realiteit is waarmee bestuurders en bestuurskundigen worstelen.

Afscheidsinterview met Geert Teisman in themanummer Bestuurskunde over complexiteit

Themanummer van het tijdschrift Bestuurskunde, Complexiteit en Overheid: essentiële kwaliteiten voor het werken aan complexe vraagstukken.

Controverse in het Rotterdamse doelgroepenvervoer ontrafeld

Uit onderzoek blijkt dat het vergroten van de complexiteit leidt tot meer klantgerichtheid en innovatieve oplossingen binnen de Rotterdamse doelgroepenvervoer.
The Erasmus Bridge

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