prof.dr. (Geske) AG Dijkstra


Geske Dijkstra is Professor of Governance and Global Development at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Geske Dijkstra published extensively on aid and debt issues, on gender equality measures, and on economic policies and economic reforms in developing countries. In the 1980s, she lived and worked several years in Central America. From 1990 onwards, she has been affiliated with several Dutch academic institutions. In these positions she combined research and teaching with carrying out studies and consultancies for organizations involved in development cooperation, such as the World Bank, the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is the (co-)author or (co-)editor of eight books, and author of many articles published in international journals such as Development and Change, Feminist Economics, World Development and Development Policy Review. 

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Professor emeritus | Policy, Politics and Society
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • AG (Geske) Dijkstra (14 april 2021) - International solidarity

  • AG (Geske) Dijkstra (2021) - On the frontlines: Peasant women and land reform struggles in the Philippines
  • AG (Geske) Dijkstra (2021) - yiqing Peng, Essays on Financial Development and Financial Inclusion
  • AG (Geske) Dijkstra (2021) - Patterns of Autonomy and Control in Agencification of Pakistan: Perceptions of agency employees and ministry officials at the federal level
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Massale solidariteit mede doordat we ons herkennen in Oekraïners

Veel mensen laten hun solidariteit met Oekraïne zien. Waar komt dat vandaan? Onderzoekers Geske Dijkstra, Thea Hilhorst en Lucas Meijs gaat hier op in.
Berlijn vlag Oekraine

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