Paving the way for personalized medicine

maandag 18 nov 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

University of Salerno, School of Law, Italy

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Technical Medicine Master’s programme to start in September

Personalized medicine (PM) is one of the promising technologies in medicine aimed at developing targeted diagnostics and therapies in “the war on cancer” and other life-threatening diseases. Personalized or precision medicine has been generally justified by finding the right treatments, at the right dose, at the right time for the right person, every time, and simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of health care systems by predicting and treating individual predispositions to diseases or conditions.

In the age of genomic medicine we can now do the genetic testing that will permit more accurate personal tailoring of medications to obtain the best therapeutic results.

Although nobody could be opposed to precision medicine, it generates numerous questions and concerns either in terms of ethics, human rights, financing and other perspectives, addressing:

  • What progress has been made so far bringing PM technologies to the market?
  • How to overcome clinical trials challenges with PM?
  • Is there any evidence of more efficiency in health care by introducing PM approaches?
  • Are we morally obligated to implement PM innovations?
  • What are the regulatory barriers to PM developments?
  • What is the influence of patent law on PM innovations?
  • PM and processing genomic data, what are the GDPR risks?
  • Who can access such (expensive) technologies, and based on what criteria?
  • What will be the impact on national health budgets/ social insurance schemes (de)listing precision medicine therapies, or do we have to make hard choices?
  • What are the solutions to identified concerns?
  • What is the future of PM in European health care systems? 

Keynote speaker

  • Professor Leonard M. Fleck,
    Acting Director Department of Philosophy,
    Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences
    Michigan State University (USA)

    Leonard Fleck's interests focus on medical ethics, health care policy, priority-setting and rationing, and reproductive decision-making. He explores the role of community dialogue (rational democratic deliberation) in addressing controversial issues of ethics and public policy related to emerging genetic technologies. More recently, he has been working on a book-length manuscript that addresses a number of ethical and policy issues related to precision medicine, primarily in a cancer treatment context.

    Foto van Leonard M. Fleck

Aim of the conference

PM promises to be at the forefront of governmental and scientific agendas for the foreseeable future. It is likely that pharmaceutical companies will continue to work toward developing precision medicine treatments and diagnostics, not just in Europe but worldwide. Addressing cross-cutting concerns, this conference aims at a better understanding of PM by explaining the various dimensions of the move towards personalized medicine.


Academics (wide range of disciplines such as medicine, law, economics, ethics, philosophy) and practising (health) professionals, policy-makers and other interested persons from and outside Europe.

Call for Abstracts

The conference has a multidisciplinary approach inviting academics, professionals, (PhD) students and other interested persons to participate and submit an abstract for presentation, addressing the above mentioned or related issues.

Those who wish to present should send an abstract (max. 300 words) of their proposed presentation to the Chair of the Scientific Committee ( (deadline: 1 September 2019). A short bibliography may be attached on additional pages (optional). The abstracts will be subjected to a peer review process by the Conference’s Scientific Committee. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis (each submission will be reviewed within a short period from its reception). Those who are selected are expected to present their paper at the Conference to take place on 18 November 2019. They will be given 15 minutes to present, plus 5 minutes for discussion.


A book of abstracts will be available in advance. Afterwards, a conference book will be published based on a selection of submitted papers.

Registration fee

Conference participants are requested to pay a conference fee of €100 euro a person. We accept bank transfers. All bank charges and commissions are paid by the participants. Payment on site is not allowed. Invoices will be sent via email as a PDF attachment. In order to receive an invoice on behalf of a company or organisation, you must state this in the registration form.


Account Number: NL11ABNA0461587084


Reference: Participant name + WBS no. 22060000.999.003

Please make sure all bank fees are covered by the submitting account and that the payment is free of charge for the receiver account. Please mention your first and last name and “WBS22060000.999.003” on the bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer is only possible until 1 September 2019. Each participant will be responsible for travel and accommodation. The host will recommend a list of hotels.


The participation fee includes:

  • Opportunity to present a paper either as a talk (15 min for presentation and another 5 min for discussion) or as a poster (with size 80x90 cm)
  • Opportunity to publish a paper up to 20 pages long in a conference book (when selected)
  • Certificate of participation
  • Admission to all sessions of the conference
  • A digital copy of the book of abstracts
  • Coffee breaks & lunch

The conference is limited to 100 attendees (max. available chairs), providing a prime opportunity for networking. The participation fee is paid only when the registration is approved.

WiFi will be available throughout the conference, either via eduroam or the XXXX guest account. We will also be on Twitter – please follow @PM2019 and use the hashtag #PM2019 to help us capture the conversations and ideas that are being shared.



Stefania Negri

André den Exter

University of Salerno

Erasmus University Rotterdam


The Netherlands


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