MA Philosophy Now

Tijdens je studie Master Philosophy

  • During your studies a graduate symposium (mid-June) and workshops (mid-April) on four specializations will be organised:

    1. Innovation in Education
    2. History, Theory, and Approaches in Public Philosophy
    3. Philosophy and Public Policy
    4. Transdisciplinarity and public issues


    Teachers: Dr. Tim De Mey, Prof. Dr. Marli Huijer, Prof. Dr. Liesbeth Noordegraaf-Eelens, Dr. Constanze Binder


    Students choose one out of the four specializations and use the mentor group (which meets at the end of each block) to work towards an outcome (policy report, public lecture, vlog, …) to be presented to all students at an onsite workshop in block 5 with participation of specialists from the field.