‘To be more impactful would be to have more time to build relationships’

Exploring transformative research with Bert de Graaff

In deze vijfde blogpost 'Transformatief Onderzoek verkennen', praten we met Bert de Graaff over zijn onderzoek bij Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management (ESHPM). 

Deze blogpost is te lezen op de Engelse pagina.

We hope you enjoyed reading this piece. It is part of our series “Exploring transformative research”. In a first working paper, DIT has started off drawing an ideal-type picture of what Transformative Research could mean. This blog series is meant to take a step back and to explore the many facets of transformative research in practice as well as to discuss and trace the changes necessary in universities and the academic system to enable such research. We are interested in questions such as: How are researchers doing research that addresses societal challenges and/or contributes to making our societies more just and sustainable? In which ways are they innovating the way research is done? What are they struggling with in doing so? Why are they doing transformative research and what excites them about it?   If you have a story to share about doing transformative research yourself, please reach out to the DIT Platform.

If you want to read more on transformative research, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) also publishes a series of blog posts on the subject. The series of ISS is aimed at stimulating discussions on transformative methodologies. You can find these blogs here: https://www.iss.nl/en/research/research-projects/transformative-methodologies/transformative-methodologies-blog-posts

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