The Brexit deal and the status of Gibraltar

Erasmus School of Economics

In a panel discussion on the Dutch radio station BNR Nieuwsradio on Monday 26 November 2018, Bas Jacobs, Sijbren Cnossen Professor of Public Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, discusses among others the Brexit deal which was struck between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar, allaying fears that a rift over the disputed territory could disrupt the wider negotiations on the UK leaving the EU. 

Negotiators and politicians said the so-called “protocol” on Gibraltar, which will be attached to Britain’s withdrawal agreement with the EU, had been agreed although work is continuing on some issues concerning the territory’s future relationship with Spain. A second subject in the panel discussion is the news that the Italian government might revise its public spending budget to bring it more in line with EU regulations.

Other panel members are journalist Martin Visser (De Financiële Telegraaf) and Steven Brakman, Professor International Economics (University of Groningen).

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Click here to listen to the entire panel discussion on BNR Nieuwsradio, d.d. 26 November 2018 or read more news about Brexit in our Dossier.


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