Erasmus Graduate School of Law welcomes Anusooya Sivaganesan on her Research Fellowship

Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL) has welcomed the second junior fellow, Anusooya Sivaganesan. Anu, as most people call her, is a visiting PhD candidate from the University of Zurich, where she participates in the  Research programme Europe & Asia.  During her visit at Erasmus School of Law (ESL), she will participate in the research programme Rethinking the Rule of Law in an Era of Globalisation, Privatisation, and Multiculturalisation.

Professor Kristin Henrard will provide her with the necessary guidance for her research and for getting in contact with relevant researchers and policy makers. Anusooya applied to the fellowship because  part of her research focuses on the Netherlands.

Unfree, forced marriages is the topic of her research project. ‘I see the entanglements of this issue in six different countries: England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Turkey, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.’ She compares the countries and looks for the main problems. She also looks at the migration grades, and their connection with forced marriages. Art. 16 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says ‘a marriage should be entered with free and full consent.’ Anusooya is interested to see on how this law is implemented in the examined countries. Hereby she’s focusing on the interaction between law, society and politics.

Before Anusooya  came to Rotterdam, she conducted research in  Turkey, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and of course her homeland Switzerland. After her fellowship at ESL, she  plans to continue her fieldwork  in England. We wish Anu good luck with her timely and challenging research and welcome her as a temporary participant in activities of ESL and EGSL! 

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