Erasmus Graduate School of Law welcomes Ugo Orazulike on his Research Fellowship

Erasmus School of Law recently welcomed two PhD-candidates that conduct a research stay in the First Edition of the Junior Fellowship of Erasmus Graduate School of Law. One of them is Ugo Orazulike, LL.M, a guest research fellow from the University of Manchester.

In his PhD Orazulike examines the failure of states to comply with international environmental obligations and how this leads to the violation of the right to health of local individuals.

Orazulike’s research includes international and comparative occupational safety and health (OSH) regulation, particularly on EU OSH regulations. During his research stay at the Erasmus University, he is keenly interested in industrial relations, corporatism and market-based OSH policy implementation mechanisms in the Netherlands. “Erasmus University is a prestigious institution with an economic and business driven orientation. That orientation suits my research and here in Rotterdam I hope to enhance my knowledge of the Dutch industrial relations system and gain more insight into the Dutch and continental employer – employees relations.”

Hereby, Orazulike points out the important role of history and how this determined industrial relations. Besides this historical point of view, he acknowledges the difference between the Dutch more coordinated market economy and the UK’s liberalized market economy. During his PhD project, Ugo considers the impact of environmental pollution on health in two contexts: 1. The context of environmental pollution on public health and 2. The context of environmental pollution on the OSH rights of local workers. Thereby he notices a common tendency to recognize employees-rights across all markets.