Four Erasmus School of Law professors receive Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks funding

Foto van prof. Yuwen Li

Prof. Yuwen Li, Prof. Fabian Amtenbrink, Prof. Michael Faure and Prof. Roger van den Bergh have been awarded Jean Monnet funding for taking part in establishing the network on ‘EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation’ (EUPLANT). This Network aims to study the interactions between the Chinese legal system and the European Union (EU) legal system.

During the next three academic years, EUPLANT has to fulfil three research objectives. First, it aims to highlight the historical links between European legal systems and the Chinese legal system, focussing on the strong influence of European legal traditions in the development of the Chinese legal system. Second, EUPLANT aims to uncover successes and failures of internationalisation of EU norms, standards, and procedures, as well as concrete cases of legal transplants in the interactions between the EU and the Chinese legal systems. Third, it focuses on the challenges and prospects for judicial cooperation between EU Member States and China in criminal matters that include mechanisms of mutual legal assistance, mutual recognition, and agreements on extradition, with a particular focus on the human rights risks inherent to cooperation in this area.

Funding and cooperation

The Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Networks foster the creation and development of consortia of international players (Higher Education Institutions, Centres of Excellence, departments, teams, individual experts, etc.) in the area of European Union studies in order to gather information, exchange practices, build knowledge and promote the European integration process across the world.

First activity for 2019

Already in February 2019 the first one of the three roundtables will be organised in Brussels by the researchers from Erasmus School of Law.

EUPLANT brings together European and Chinese academic institutions with an outstanding expertise in EU Law, Chinese law, and the study of EU-China relations. The application, submitted by Queen Mary University of London, includes the following partner Universities: King’s College London, the University of Leuven, Erasmus School of Law, Bologna University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, and City University of Hong Kong.

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