Interview met professor Peter Wakker in The Reasoner

In een interview in het tijdschrift The Reasoner vertelt Peter Wakker, professor aan het Econometrisch Instituut van Erasmus School of Economics, over zijn loopbaan, passies en zijn onderzoek. 

'In my heart, it’s theory. But I did lots of experimental work. Experiments are good: people who only work with mathematical models have never seen anything empirical, and they do not really understand what they are talking about. So if you also do the empirical work, you will understand what the concept means, and you’ll connect to reality. My eight years of applied work in a hospital help a lot with that, too. [Wakker, P.P. (2008), Lessons Learned by (from?) an Economist Working in Medical Decision Making. Med Decis
Making 28:690–8.] But, also, I was a little bit pragmatic.' aldus Peter Wakker.

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Hieronder leest u het volledige interview met Peter Wakker in The Reasoner, juni 2017.

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