National Sustainability Day all year round

October 10th is National Sustainability Day. But did you know that Erasmus University is doing its best to be sustainable year-round? Read this to see what you can do be an environmental hero (almost) every day.

Every Tuesday

At Erasmus University, there are 29,790 students. On average, we own 95 garments, of which 40% are (almost) never worn. That makes more than 1 million items, which just gather dust in our closets. Sounds sad, right? Therefore, EURWardrobe invites you to donate your unwanted items and swap them with fellow students. You’re welcome to visit EURWardrobe, pick out some new favorites and donate your clothes in return every Tuesday, between 2 and 5PM.

Every Wednesday

In the Erasmus Food Lab plant-based cooking classes inspire your daily recipe, enrich your social experience and enable you to share your food while contributing to environmental awareness in an enjoyable way. You can find a sneak peak of the sustainable cooking classes here.

Every Friday

You may have passed it a hundred times without noticing, but we actually have a vegetable garden on campus! Every Friday a team of volunteers meets up to work in the garden, that is located next to the beach volleyball courts.

Every month

Ever tried plogging? When you plog, you go for a walk or a run while collecting waist at the very same time. Good for you, good for the environment. The Erasmus Sustainability Hub invites you to join them plogging every month

If you don’t want to miss any sustainable events, make sure to follow Erasmus Sustainability Hub!

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