Onderzoek van Harry Commandeur en Antoinette Rijsenbilt aangehaald in Amerikaanse krant

Onderzoek van Harry Commandeur en Antoinette Rijsenbilt

Een onderzoek van prof.dr Harry Commandeur, hoogleraar Industriële Economie en bedrijfshuishoudkunde aan de Erasmus School of Ecomomics, en dr. Rijsenbilt, verbonden aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, is aangehaald in het artikel “The Dark Side of Executive Narcissism: How CEOs Destroy Companies' Reputation and Employee Morale” van de Huffington Post, d.d. donderdag 2 januari 2014.

“In the first study, Antoinette Rijsenbilt and Harry Commandeur assessed the narcissism levels of 953 CEOs from a wide range of industries, as well as examining objective performance indicators of their companies during their tenure. Unsurprisingly, organizations led by arrogant, self-centered, and entitled CEOs tended to perform worse, and their CEOs were significantly more likely to be convicted for corporate fraud (e.g., fake financial reports, rigged accounts, insider trading, etc.). Interestingly, the detrimental effects of narcissism appear to be exacerbated when CEOs are charismatic, which is consistent with the idea that charisma is toxic because it increases employees' blind trust and irrational confidence in the leader. If you hire a charismatic leader, be prepared to put up with a narcissist.”

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