PhD candidates present their doctoral research during Review Day 2016

On 26 May 2016 the annual Review Day was held by the Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL). During Review Day PhD candidates that have completed their first year of studies present their doctoral research to colleagues and other faculty members.

After a warm welcome from EGSL director professor Elaine Mak, a mini-lecture was given by Professor Martijn Scheltema (Professor of Enforcement issues in private law at ESL) on the importance of academic legal research for legal practice. As a practicing lawyer Scheltema observed that legal scholars increasingly investigate legal issues that do not have a clear or direct link with legal practice. This trend can be explained to a large degree by the growing popularity of multi- and interdisciplinary legal research. However, in other areas, such as international private regulation, multi- and interdisciplinary legal research is very much needed from the perspective of legal practice. Professor Scheltema explained for example that impact assessment studies can give insights into what kind of rules are needed in the context of transnational private regulation. This shows that academic legal research can be of valuable importance to legal practice in new ways. 

Following the mini-lecture, nine PhD candidates gave pitches on their doctoral research projects. During three rounds presentations were given on for example the possible harmful effects of artificial intelligence technologies on society, different types of parties in the law of obligations and cargo bundling in commercial law. After each round a senior researcher at ESL acted as discussant and led the discussions with members of the audience. The presentations by Sohail Wahedi, Gerald Hopster and Margaux Raynaud were discussed by Dr. Wouter Verheyen. After a short break the research of Titiaan Keijzer, Elize Niemeijer and Aster Schreuder were debated under the supervision of Professor Tammo Wallinga. In round three Marta Kolacz, Yayun Shen and Alberto Quintavalla presented their research. The following discussion was led by Associate Professor Alessandra Arcuri.

This year’s Review Day also marked the departure of EGSL director Elaine Mak, who has been appointed professor in jurisprudence at Utrecht University. At the end of Review Day Dean Suzan Stoter gave a speech in honour of Elaine Mak. In her speech  the dean expressed her gratitude towards Elaine Mak’s contributions to the EGSL and admiration for the accomplishments reached during her time in Rotterdam. She wished her best of luck in Utrecht and expressed her hope that Elaine Mak will remain in contact with her alma mater.