dr. (Irma) I Bogenrieder

dr. (Irma) I Bogenrieder

Associate Professor in the Department of Organization & Personnel

Associate professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Organisation and Personnel Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Irma Bogenrieder is an associate professor of organisational processes at the Department of Organization and Personnel Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Her current research interests lie in the field of organisational learning as a type of emergent change based on members' knowledge.

Within this field her research focuses on three specific areas: (Endogenous) change in organisational routines; knowledge-intensive firms with an emphasis on knowledge use and its exchange among project teams; and the integrative and collaborative processes in project teams.

She is the author of articles published in journals including Organization Studies, the Journal of Change Management, Business History and Organizational Learning.

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  • Irma Bogenrieder (1993) - Intelligentes Handeln: ein Kontext für externalisierte Intelligenz - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (EUR)

  • Irma Bogenrieder & Peter Baalen (2004) - Multiple Inclusion and Community Networks
  • B Nooteboom & Irma Bogenrieder (2003) - Change of Routines: A Multi-Level Analysis
  • Irma Bogenrieder (1998) - Organizational learning as a social and cognitive activity - ERIM
  • Irma Bogenrieder (1998) - Social architecture: a prerequisite for organizational learning - ERIM

  • Mignon Halderen, Irma Bogenrieder & Y Tao (2010) - Dwarf Buys Giant: Spyker’s Acquisition of Saab

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  • Hanneke Kooij - de Bode

    Distributed Information and Group Decision-Making: Effects of Diversity and Affect

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