dr. (Jan) J.T.R. Stoop

dr. (Jan) J.T.R. Stoop

Associate Professor Erasmus School of Economics Applied Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Latest academic publication

J. Potters & J.T.R. Stoop (2016). Do cheaters in the lab also cheat in the field? European Economic Review, 87, 26-33. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.euroecorev.2016.03.004

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My research is concerned with the measurement of social preferences of humans. I do this by means of lab experiments where (usually) students are playing a game behind a computer. These games gather insights into the social preferences of the participants. Besides lab experiments, I conduct field experiments in a 'natural environment', with non-student participants. The insights gathered from these experiments show to what degree the social preferences measured in the lab carry over the the real world.

Besides research on social preferences, I study how to design optimal labour contracts. This means that we study when employees exert most effort for their boss. One can think of a contract which pays on a per-unit base, or a scheme in which only the most productive employee receives money. The way in which I study these incentives is by means of lab experiments and field experiments.