(Jonas) JA Schlicht


**Jonas Schlicht is a PhD student in the Erasmus Movez Lab and interested in social influence effects. **In his research he focuses on how to apply social influence and communication strategies, to nudge people towards more healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

As part of the Movez-Team, Jonas collobarates with experts in the field of (health) communication, online social networks and statistical modelling. The aim of the project is to utilize the promising potential of social networks for influencing a young target audience. Using a machine-learning approach, the project aims to take a next step towards the *automation *of health-campaigns.

Research interests:
#socialinfluence #behavioralchange #socialnetworks
#machinelearning #communication #health #influencermarketing #socialchange

Jonas received a Bachelors degree in Media Studies in Siegen (Germany) and a Research Master degree in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam. Here he specialized in the field of Persuasive Communication: i.e. Marketing and Health Communication..
Furthermore Jonas researched the potentials of machine-learning and high-immersive-technology (Virtual Reality), as versatile tools for the social sciences and future vehicles for social change.



Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD candidate | Behavioural Change
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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