dr. (Kate) KE Horton

dr. (Kate) KE Horton
Visiting fellow Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Organisation and Personnel Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Gabriele Jacobs, Ilona Suojanen, Kate Horton & Saskia Bayerl (2021) - International Security Management - New Solutions to Complexity - doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-42523-4 - Springer

  • Gabriele Jacobs, Ilona Suojanen, Kate E. Horton & Petra Saskia Bayerl (2021) - Preface - doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-42523-4_1 - Springer
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  • Gabriele Jacobs, Saskia Bayerl & Kate Horton (2012) - Marktforscher (m/w) - Ein Traumberuf? - Aegidius Marktforschungsportal GmbH

  • Kate Horton, Gabriele Jacobs, Saskia Bayerl, M Rothengatter, K Elliott, M Gasco, S Giljohann & C Rus (2015) - A balancing act: How to avoid professional disidentification when faced with stakeholder critique
  • Saskia Bayerl, Kate Horton, Gabriele Jacobs & B Akhgar (2014) - Who wants police on social media?
  • Kate Horton, CR McClelland & MA Griffin (2012) - Identification targets and well-being within the workplace: a function of hierarchy
  • Kate Horton & MA Griffin (2010) - Me, us and the others: the effects of multi-level workplace identification on inter-team conflict
  • C Collins, Kate Horton & MA Griffin (2008) - Leader context and team efficacy

  • Kate Horton (2011) - Investigating the nature of organizational identification: what are the antecedents and consequences of complex patterns of identification in the workplace? - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

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  • S Denef, N Kaptein, Saskia Bayerl, K Birdi, F Bisogni, D Cassan, J Christe-Zeyse, P Costanzo, M Gasco, Kate Horton, Gabriele Jacobs, T Jochoms, K Krstevska, S Mirceva, A van den Oord, C Otoiu, R Rajkovchevski, Z Reguli, T Stojanovski & G Vonas (2011) - ICT Trends in European Policing - EU-Deliverable COMPOSITE Project

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