prof.dr. (Loes) LGMT Keijsers

prof.dr. (Loes) LGMT Keijsers
Full professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Clinical Child and Family Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Loes is Professor in Clinical Child and Family Studies at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies. She is intrigued by the lives and relationships of teenagers, and how parents can optimally contribute to their child's positive development, mental health and well-being, despite their decreasing authority. Most likely, there is not a single answer to this question, as every child - and every family - is a unique dynamical system. To know what works for whom, Loes aims at empirically tapping into this heterogeneity of developmental processes, by relying on advanced methodological approaches. For instance, to obtain a 'photoalbum' of mood swings in the daily lives of teens, apps on mobile phones are used (i.e., Experience Sampling Methods; As theoretical inferences are only as good as our statistical models, Loes loves to keep up with and teach about statistical developments.

To generate impact from these theoretical insights, Loes undertakes active efforts to implement research into practice (e.g., developing and implementing e-health applications to detect and prevent adolescent depression; TEDx speaker; Universiteit van Nederland). Also, Loes has written a book for the general public about the intriguing behaviors of teens: Waarom tieners zo irritant kunnen zijn. En hoe je daar als ouder mee kunt leren leven, 2013.

Doing this, Loes aims at contributing to better health and well-being of future generations, by empirically studying the daily lives of teens and by collaborating interdisciplinary and transdisciplinairy to translate scientific knowledge into e-health tools and serious games.



Twitter: EUR_ADAPT

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