dr. (María) M Campo Comba, LLM


María Campo Comba is currently an Assistant Professor in EU Law at Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, her research focuses on the rebalancing of public and private interests debate from the EU competition law perspective.  

On the one hand, she focuses on the potential of self-regulation agreements in achieving public interests and whether and to which extent EU competition law rules should allow this type of agreements. The main discussion in this regard takes place in the context of the role of competition law in achieving sustainability objectives. On the other hand, she focuses on the challenges that digital markets pose to EU competition law, especially concerning the power of Big Tech. Her research efforts are aimed towards a progressive legal thinking of competition law in accordance with reality and current societal (and market) challenges.  

Previously, María conducted her PhD research on the area of private international law, also in relation with the public/private challenge. Her PhD research focused on the law applicable to cross-border contracts involving weaker contracting parties (e.g. consumers, employees), and balancing the protection of those parties’ interests and higher interests involved. 

Erasmus School of Law

Assistant professor | International and European Union Law (IEUR)
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • María Campo Comba (2022) - Webinar series 'Public Goals and Private Choice: Facilitating Sustainability via Consumers'
  • María Campo Comba (2022) - EU Competition Law and Sustainability: Key aspects from the Dutch ACM Draft Guidelines towards a unified EU approach
  • María Campo Comba (2021) - ‘Data-opolies’, Public Interests and EU Competition Law: current state of affairs and the way forward
  • María Campo Comba (2018) - Ensuring consumer protection in a borderless market through Private International Law: the different mechanisms and the European Union (not that good?) example
  • María Campo Comba (2017) - Profesionales domiciliados fuera de la UE dirigiendo sus actividades comerciales o profesionales a algún Estado Miembro y el caso de los consumidores de vacaciones por la UE: aplicación de una ley extranjera vs. Aplicación de las Directivas europeas de consumo
  • María Campo Comba (2017) - Conflict of laws in intra-EU consumer contracts and extra-EU consumer contracts: same conflict rules, different values to defend?

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