dr. (Menelaos) M Markakis

dr. (Menelaos) M Markakis
Assistant professor Erasmus School of Law International and European Union Law
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2020) - The Reformed ESM Treaty
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2020) - The ESM after the Pandemic: Regained Importance and Reform Prospects
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2019) - The Fundamental Rights Implications of European Economic Governance in EU Member States
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2019) - Transforming the Accountability of the European Central Bank
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2019) - Banking supervision
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2018) - Brexit and Economic and Monetary Union
  • F (Fabian) Amtenbrink & M (Menelaos) Markakis (2017) - Towards a Meaningful Prudential Supervision Dialogue in the Euro Area? A Study of the Interaction between the European Parliament and the ECB in the SSM
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2017) - The Future of the Eurozone
  • A (Anastasia) Karatzia & M (Menelaos) Markakis (2017) - What Role for the Commission and the ECB in the European Stability Mechanism? Period:
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2017) - Brexit and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2016) - Brexit, the Process of Withdrawal, and the Future of the Union
  • M. Freedland & M (Menelaos) Markakis (2016) - Legal Issues Arising from the Brexit Referendum
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2016) - The European System of Financial Supervision: Central Legal Issues
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2016) - Political and Legal Accountability in the European Banking Union: A First Assessment
  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2016) - Political and Legal Accountability in the European Banking Union: A First Assessment
  • N Bell, P Love, Menelaos Markakis, E Oringer & K Stern (2016) - Ensuring the Accountability of the Eurozone Treasury
  • Menelaos Markakis (2015) - Political and Legal Accountability in the Banking Union
  • Menelaos Markakis (2014) - The Implications of the Revised EU Economic Governance Framework for National Economic Policy

  • Menelaos Markakis (2016) - Who Should Monitor National Budgets in the Euro Area? - Intensive seminar

  • M (Menelaos) Markakis (2020) - EUR Fellowship

Law and Policy of European Integration

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Thesis Master Int. and Eur. Union Law

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