dr. (Oane) A. Visser

dr. (Oane) A. Visser
Associate Professor International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) Academic Staff Unit
Erasmus University Rotterdam
I 4-17
+31 70 4260686

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Oane Visser is Associate Professor in Rural Development Studies.

His current research interests revolve first of all around land acquisitions, farm investment and rural…

Oane Visser is Associate Professor in Rural Development Studies.

His current research interests revolve first of all around land acquisitions, farm investment and rural development in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet countries. He recently received a European Research Council (ERC) starting grant. This project (2013-2018) studies land investment strategies and their effects, looking at food security/sovereignty, labour issues and rural development. Furthermore, it studies the role of rural social movements in land governance. The research takes place in Russia and Ukraine. The project includes also a PhD student, Natalia Mamonova (2013-2016), who focused especially at responses of rural social movements to land investment. This project is conducted in collaboration with Judith Pallot (Oxford University) and Tatyana Nefedova (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).

Visser also supervises research projects in other post-socialist countries such as Tajikistan, Romania, and Cuba. Furthermore, Visser conducts research on financialisation and crisis in Eastern Europe and the West. A third line of research is on ethnopolitics in Eastern Europe.

Visser earned his PhD in Anthropology from Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Before coming to the ISS he was assistant professor at subsequently the Department of Research Methods, and Dept. of Anthropology and Development Studies at Radboud University. He has been visiting fellow at Cornell University in (2010, 2014), City University New York (2014), Oxford University (2015) and University of Toronto (2016). In the past years he won several grants (e.g. Land Academy, LDPI, ISS Innovation facility) to study land issues.

Visser is an is editor of Focaal- Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology. He is coordinator of the Eurasian Agrofood and Land initiative (EURAL), which is a platform for exchange between researchers, policy makers and practitioners, organizing conferences and workshops. Some of these events focus on post-socialist, Eurasian countries specifically, others have a global scope, building links between agrarian studies in post-socialist and other settings. Financialisation of agriculture is one of the key themes. seewww.iss.nl/eural


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      • O. Visser (produced by the Sacharov centre, Moscow) (2014, dec 15). From food security to food sovereignty (in Russia). [webcast]. In Talking Heads, Gogol TV. http://www.gogol.tv/video/1323.
  • Focaal - European Journal of Anthropology

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