(P.) PK Livaha

(P.) PK Livaha
Lecturer Erasmus University College Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Nieuwemarkt 1A, Rotterdam
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P. Livaha is a senior lecturer in the Social and Behavioral Sciences department at Erasmus University College (EUC).

She has a background in political science and law.

Prior to joining EUC, she was a lecturer at Maastricht University Faculty of Law and University College Maastricht. 

At EUC, she coordinates and teaches international relations and international law courses.

She enjoys the interactions she has with both students and colleagues.

In addition to her work at EUC, she also does research on women's rights, and is currently taking part in an Erasmus plus project titled 'Peace Dialogue Campus Network: Fostering Positive Attitudes between Migrants and Youth in Hosting Societies.'

  • Phyllis Livaha (2011) - Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region - Newsletter of School of Human Rights Research, 15 (2)

  • Phyllis Livaha (2012) - Eradicating Female Circumcision - Changing a Harmful Social Norm Through the Women's Convention - Intersentia

  • Phyllis Livaha (2018) - Prohibition of Female Circumcision Act 1985 - Hart Publishing

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