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René (M.) B.M. de Koster is a professor of logistics and operations management at the Department of Technology and Operations Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). After completing his PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology (1988) he worked as a consultant. He joined Erasmus University in 1995. Professor De Koster's research interests are warehousing, material handling, container terminal operations, behavioural operations and sustainable logistics. He is the author and editor of eight books and over 230 papers published in books and journals such as OR, POM, JOM, TS, IISE T, EJOR, and Interfaces. He is in the editorial boards of eight academic journals, a fellow of two reseach schools, member of the European Logistics Association (ELA) R&D board, member of the BVL Scientific Advisory Board, chairman of two Dutch logistics awards, chairman of Stichting Logistica, and founder of the Material Handling Forum. Professor de Koster chairs RSM's Department of Technology and Operations Management. Professor de Koster is involved in teaching at RSM at all levels: bachelor, master, post-experience, and executive development. He also lectures at USTC Hefei (PRC), and the University of Pretoria (South Africa). He held the honorary Francqui chair for Hasselt University in 2018 and was recently mentioned as “the most influential researcher” in material handling.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Full professor | Department of Technology and Operations Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Rene de Koster (8 augustus 2022) - Constraints are strong drivers for automation
  • Rob van Tulder & Rene de Koster (12 april 2021) - SDG business logistics case wins 2020 EFMD case writing competition
  • Marta Szymanowska, Rob van Tulder, Rene de Koster, Erik van Raaij, Dirk Schoenmaker, Steef van de Velde, Steve Kennedy, Gabriele Jacobs, Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Ferdinand Jaspers, Michaéla Schippers & Frank Wijen (11 juni 2019) - New online course: Driving Business Towards The SDGs
  • Rene Koster (1 januari 2003) - Logistieke knelpunten weer in kaart gebracht
  • Rene Koster (1 januari 1997) - Logistiek op maat, magazijn op maat

  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2020) - Production and Operations Management (Journal)
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2019) - Service Science (Journal)
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2017) - Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review (Journal)
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  • Rene Koster (2015) - International Journal of Production Research (Journal)
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  • Rene Koster (2013) - International Journal of Operations and Production Management (Journal)
  • Rene Koster, K Gue & IFA Vis (2013) - Transportation Science (Journal)
  • Rene Koster (2012) - Transportation Science (Journal)
  • Rene Koster (2012) - Operations Research (Journal)

  • Rene de Koster, Nils Boysen & Felix Weidinger (2022) - Best European Journal of Operational Research Review Paper
  • Rene de Koster, Mahdi Ghorashi Khalilabadi & Debjit Roy (2022) - POMS OPEX best paper finalist
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2021) - EFMD Case Writing Competition Award 2020, for the case "Managing Lean Success: A Warehouse Balancing Act (A) & (B)”
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2021) - First prize in Humanities and Social Sciences of MOE (Ministry or Education of the PRC) for the paper “Class-based storage with a finite number of items. More classes is not always better”, Production and Operations Management, 2015.
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2021) - Informs TSL 2021 Facility Logistics SIG Outstanding Paper Award, for the paper “Workforce Scheduling with Order-Picking Assignments in Distribution Facilities”, Transportation Science, 2021
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2020) - Best paper award, Honorary Mention in the IISE Transactions 2020
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2020) - Informs TSL 2020 Facility Logistics SIG Outstanding Paper Award, for the paper “Capacity analysis of sequential zone picking systems”, Operations Research, 2020
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2019) - Best paper award Honorary Mention, IISE Transactions 2018
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2019) - Best paper award, honorable mention, Journal of Operations Management
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2019) - Award of excellence, by the SDG Academy & SDSN Network, for the MOOC 'Driving business towards the SDGs'
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2018) - Honorary Francqui Professorshop Hasselt University
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2018) - Mentioned as "Most influential researcher" in Material Handling
  • René de Koster, Daan Stam & Jelle de Vries (2014) - Best student paper award TRAIL2014, "Making the Right Pick: Aligning Order Picking Methods, Incentive Systems and Regulatory Focus to Increase Picking Performance"
  • René de Koster & Yeming Gong (2010) - Best paper IIE Transactions 2008-2009
  • MBM (Rene) de Koster (2010) - Honorary member, VeLA
  • René de Koster, Kees-Jan Roodbergen & Jose Larco Martinelli (2009) - 2nd prize in best student paper award POMS 2009, orlando: "Managing Warehouse Efficiency and Worker Discomfort Through Enhanced Storage Assignment Decisions"
  • H. Quak & René de Koster (2008) - Finalist best paper award Journal of Operations Management 2007
  • René de Koster, Kees-Jan Roodbergen, Jan Dul & Jose Larco Martinelli (2008) - Best paper award TRAIL 2008
  • René de Koster & Yeming Gong (2008) - Best paper award IIE Transactions 2008: ?A polling-based dynamic order picking system for online retailers?, 40(11), 1070-1082
  • René de Koster & Hans Quak (2007) - Nominated for the best paper award, Journal of Operations Management 2007: "Exploring retailers' sensitivity to local sustainability policies", 25, 1103-1122
  • René de Koster & Mengfei Yu (2007) - 2nd prize in student paper competition IESM 2007, Beijing: 'A fast and flexible tool to design order picking systems'


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Starnus Technology BV

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Stichting Logistica

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Facility Logistics Management

Year Level
master, IM/CEMS, Exchange, ERIM
Course Code

Supply Chain Management

Year Level
bachelor 2, bachelor 3, pre-master
Course Code

Supply chain management

Year Level
bachelor 2, pre-master
Course Code

Retail Operations

Year Level
Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 3
Course Code

  • Chien-Ming Chen

    Evaluation and Design of Supply Chain Operations using DEA
  • Jose Larco Martinelli

    Incorporating Worker-Specific Factors in Operations Management Models
  • Yeming Gong

    Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Warehouse Operations
  • Jordan Srour

    Dissecting Drayage: An Examination of Structure, Information, and Control in Drayage Operations
  • Mengfei Yu

    Enhancing Warehouse Performance by Efficient Order Picking
  • Elfriede Krauth

    Real-time Planning Support: A Task-technology Fit Perspective
  • Hans Moonen

    Multi-Agent Systems for Transportation Planning and Coordination
  • Hans Quak

    Sustainability of Urban Freight Transport: Retail Distribution and Local Regulations in Cities
  • Tuan Le Anh

    Intelligent Control of Vehicle-Based Internal Transport Systems
  • Tho Le Duc

    Design and Control of Efficient Order Picking Processes
  • Marisa de Brito

    Managing Reverse Logistics or Reversing Logistics Management?
  • Nima Zaerpour

    Efficient Management of Compact Storage Systems
  • Marcel van Assen

    Empirical Studies in Discrete Parts Manufacturing Management
  • Robert van der Meer

    Operational Control of Internal Transport
  • Kees Jan Roodbergen

    Layout and Routing Methods for Warehouses
  • Iris Vis

    Planning and Control Concepts for Material Handling Systems
  • Meditya Wasesa

    Agent-based Inter-organizational Systems in Advanced Logistics Operations
  • Amir Hossein Gharehgozli

    Developing New Methods for Efficient Container Stacking Operations
  • Stefanie Brix

    Mind the Gap between Demand and Supply: A behavioral perspective on demand forecasting
  • Jelmer van der Gaast

    Stochastic Models for Order Picking Systems
  • Panagiotis Ypsilantis

    The Design, Planning and Execution of Sustainable Intermodal Port-hinterland Transport Networks
  • Xiandong Zhang

    Scheduling with Time Lags
  • Clint Pennings

    Advancements in Demand Forecasting: Methods and Behavior
  • Konstantina Valogianni

    Sustainable Electric Vehicle Management using Coordinated Machine Learning
  • Tim Lamballais Tessensohn

    Optimizing the Performance of Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems
  • Tim Lamballais Tessensohn

    Optimizing the Performance of Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems
  • Jelle de Vries

    Behavioral Operations in Logistics
  • Xishu Li

    Dynamic Decision Making under Supply Chain Competition
  • Kaveh Azadeh

    Robotized Warehouses: Design and Performance Analysis
  • Arpan Rijal

    Managing External Temporal Constraints in Manual Warehouses
  • Nynke Faber

    Structuring Warehouse Management: Exploring the fit between warehouse characteristics and warehouse planning and control structure, and its effect on warehouse performance
  • Dong Li

    Supply Chain Contracting for After-sales Service and Product Support
  • Joydeep Paul

    Online Grocery Operations in Omni-channel Retailing: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Alexandros-Myron Pasparakis

    Leader-Follower Relationships in Technologically Advanced Operations
  • Masoud Mirzaei

  • Hamed Vafa Arani

    Creating Shared Value: An Operations and Supply Chain Management Perspective
  • Thai Young Kim

    Data-driven Warehouse Management in Global Supply Chains
  • Negin Jamili

    PhD positions in Supply Chain Management
  • Liana van der Hagen

    Designing sustainable attended home delivery services in e-grocery
  • Seyyed Mahdi Ghorashi Khalilabadi

    Sharehouse: Human-Technology interaction in warehouse environments
  • Mahsa Alirezaei

    Sharehouse: Human-Technology interaction in warehouse environments
  • Gustavo Martin Hurovich

    PhD positions in Supply Chain Management
  • Dursen Deniz Poyraz

    PhD positions in Supply Chain Management
  • Liwen He

    Effective Strategies for Enhancing Perishable Inventory Management in Retail Operations

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