prof.dr. (Steven) STLR Sweldens

prof.dr. (Steven) STLR Sweldens

Professor of Consumer Behavior and Marketing and ERIM Director of Doctoral Education

Full professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Marketing Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Steven Sweldens is Professor of Consumer Behavior and Marketing at RSM Erasmus University, Director of Doctoral Education at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), and Distinguished Research Fellow at INSEAD. Steven’s research interests center on the psychological laws underlying advertising effectiveness and the creation of brand attitudes. The quality of his research was recognized with dissertation research awards from, among others, the AMA and EMAC. Steven has published his work broadly, in the top scientific journals in marketing (Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research) as well as psychology (Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Personality and Social Psychology Review). After obtaining his PhD at Erasmus University in 2009, Steven became a marketing professor at INSEAD. There he taught courses in marketing strategy (MBA), social psychological foundations of management (PhD), experimental design (PhD) and marketing in the financial sector (executive education). His teaching skills were lauded repeatedly with the INSEAD Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in MBA Teaching. In 2014, Steven returned to RSM Erasmus University where he teaches the marketing core course in RSM’s MBA and EMBA programs.

  • M Hütter & Steven Sweldens (2013) - I… Must… Resist: On the (Un)Controllability of Evaluative Conditioning
  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni, J Kruger & M Vissers (2012) - The Bias in the Bias: Socially Desirable Responding in Comparative Optimism
  • Kai Zhang, Steven Sweldens & M Wadhwa (2012) - When Temptations Collide: More Temptations Are Less Desired
  • B (Bart) de Langhe, Steven Sweldens, Stijn Osselaer & Mirjam Tuk (2009) - The Emotional Information Processing System is Risk Averse: Ego-Depletion and Investment Behavior
  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni & NT Tavassoli (2009) - Gender Identity Salience and Perceived Vulnerability to Breast Cancer
  • Steven Sweldens, Stijn Osselaer & C Janiszewski (2009) - Evaluative Conditioning 2.0: Direct and Indirect Attachment of Affect to Brands
  • Steven Sweldens, Stefano Puntoni & NT Tavassoli (2007) - At Your Own Risk: The Influence of Self-Identity on Perceived Vulnerability to Identity-Specific Risks

  • Steven Sweldens, D Lerouge, S Dewitte, PWJ Verlegh & L Warlop (2004) - Perceived Uniqueness as a moderator for Reciprocity

  • Steven Sweldens (2014) - Journal of Consumer Research (Journal)

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PhD, master
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Marketing Strategy

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master, IM/CEMS, Exchange, ERIM
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