mr. (Titiaan) T.A. Keijzer

PhD Candidate Erasmus School of Law Corporate and Financial Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam
L 7-046
+31 10 4081468

Latest academic publication

T.A. Keijzer (2018). Having your cake and eating it, too. Dual class versus indices. Maandblad voor Ondernemingsrecht - MvO, 3 (1-2), [Forthcoming].

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Title: Shares without profit entitlements or voting rights at the Dutch Limited.

Promotores: Prof.Mr. M.J. Kroeze and Prof.Mr. H.M. Vletter-van Dort.

Under Dutch Corporate Law, the most widely used corporate forms are that of the Public Limited Company (PLC) and the Private Limited Company (Limited). In 2012, the corporate legal structure of the Limited underwent a fundamental modification, as she was enabled to issue shares without voting rights or dividend entitlements. This was felt to be necessary to bring the legal structure of the Dutch Limited more in line with her foreign counterparts. Currently, the history of Dutch corporate law is repeating itself, since no changes were made to the legal structure of the PLC. In my research, I study whether the PLC should have the option as well to issue shares without voting rights or dividend entitlements.

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      • M.K. Kolacz, A. Quintavalla, T.A. Keijzer, M. Kox & M.F. Caporale Madi (2018). Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference. Grant from the Erasmus Flagship Initiative Inclusive Prosperity for the organization of the first Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference, held on: Erasmus University Rotterdam (2018, april 11 - 2018, april 13).
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