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International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics
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Your bachelor degree gives you access to a wide range of master programmes in economics in the Netherlands and abroad. Most students continue their studies with one of the one-year master programmes at Erasmus School of Economics.

Msc in Economics and Business

The one-year master programme Economics and Business puts a solid scientific basis and sharp insights into everyday practice. This will enable you to conduct sound analyses and convert them into policy recommendations and strategies. The programme offers many different options, ranging from broad specialisations to those focusing on a specific area.

MSc in Accounting, Auditing and Control

You will also have access to our master programme in Accounting, Auditing and Control.  

MSc in Econometrics and Management Science

Graduates of the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics that want to enter one of the econometrics master specialisations are requested to spend one year on a pre-master programme to bring their technical skills up to par with the bachelor students in econometrics. After this, you can follow one of the specialisations that lead to a master degree in Econometrics and Management Science.

Research Master

Last but not least, Erasmus School of Economics offers a two-year Research Master programme at the Tinbergen Institute (TI). This is an excellent preparatory programme for a career in research.

The specialisations of the Economics and Business master programme and the Accounting, Auditing and Control master programme, as well as Research master programmes are:

Related master programmes

  • Accounting, Auditing and Control

    This interactive master that covers all theoretical and practical aspects of collecting, using, and analysing financial data in organisations.
  • Behavioural Economics

    This programme provides you with the skills to optimise strategies and policies by including the framing and context that affect people’s choices.
  • Data Science and Marketing Analytics

    This programme focuses on the tools and skills that are needed to analyse Big Data in modern businesses and turn it into meaningful insights.
  • Economics of Markets and Organisations

    The programme allows you to have a positive impact at work by learning how market structure and organisational policies affect organisational performance.
  • Financial Economics

    This programme is for highly motivated students who aim for a career in private equity, corporate finance, banking, or asset management.
  • Health Economics

    Specialising in economic developments within the health care sector, this programme is a joint venture with Institute of Health Policy & Management.
  • International Economics

    Globalisation, economic development, internationalisation strategies and microeconomics are some of the topics this programme focuses on.
  • Marketing

    The marketing programme offers a combination of marketing practice and academic marketing insights, based on the latest data analysis tools.
  • Policy Economics

    This programme is designed to educate future policy makers in applying the most appropriate theory and empirical methods to solve real-world policy problems.
  • Research Master Business Data Science

    A research master aiming to train future PhD students, with a strong focus on data science and at a higher theoretical level than traditional master programmes.
  • Research Master in Economics

    The Tinbergen Institute research master programme is a joint degree programme offered by Erasmus University, University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit. The
  • Strategy Economics

    This specialisation recognises the constant change in economies, and focuses on how firms and entrepreneurs – independently or with the help of public policy -
  • Urban, Port and Transport Economics

    The Urban, Port and Transport Economics programme focuses on how to optimise the key elements of modern society: transport, logistics, and modern cities.

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