International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics

Continuing master programmes for Bachelor International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics

Your bachelor degree gives you access to a wide range of programmes in economics in the Netherlands and abroad. Most students continue their studies with the one-year master programme at Erasmus School of Economics.

The one-year master programme Economics and Business puts a solid scientific basis and sharp insights into everyday practice. This will enable you to conduct sound analyses and convert them into policy recommendations and strategies. The programme offers many different options, ranging from broad masters to those focusing on a specific area.

You will also have access to our accounting masters and, if you are willing to do a pre-master, you can follow the programmes that lead to a master degree in Econometrics and Management Science. Last but not least, Erasmus School of Economics offers a two-year Research Master programme at the Tinbergen Institute (TI). This is an excellent preparatory programme for a career in research.

Graduates of the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics that want to enter one of the econometrics masters are requested to spend one year on a pre-master programme to bring their technical skills up to par with the bachelor students in econometrics.