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  • dr. (Charlotte) C Antoons

    dr. (Charlotte) C Antoons
  • dr. (Jihun) J Bae

    dr. (Jihun) J Bae
  • dr. (Wenjiao) W Cao

    Dr. Wenjiao Cao joined Erasmus School of Economics as Assistant Professor of Accounting in September 2018. Prior to joining ESE, Wenjiao…
    dr. (Wenjiao) W Cao
  • dr. (Ferdinand) FM Elfers

    dr. (Ferdinand) FM Elfers
  • dr. (Michael) MHR Erkens

    Executive Compensation; Corporate Governance; Disclosure
    dr. (Michael) MHR Erkens
  • dr. (Ying) Y Gan

    Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, Economic Consequences of Increased Disclosure and Voluntary Disclosure, Mergers and Acquisitions https:/…
    dr. (Ying) Y Gan
  • prof.dr. (Martin) MN Hoogendoorn

    Martin Hoogendoorn is professor in Financial Accounting at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He teaches in the postgraduate studies of Chartered Auditor …
    prof.dr. (Martin) MN Hoogendoorn
  • prof.dr. (Peter) P Kavelaars

    Peter Kavelaars has been a professor of Fiscal Economy at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam since 1996. In addition, since 1989 he…
    prof.dr. (Peter) P Kavelaars
  • dr. (Nico) NL Lehmann

    Nico Lehmann joined the Erasmus School of Economics as an Assistant Professor in 2020 after being a faculty member at Humboldt University of Berlin and…
    dr. (Nico) NL Lehmann
  • dr. (Edith) PYE Leung

    Edith Leung is an associate professor in the Department of Business Economics and head of the section Accounting, Auditing and Control. She joined Erasmus…
    dr. (Edith) PYE Leung
  • dr. (Yijun) Y Li

    Yijun Li is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before moving to the Netherlands in 2020, he…
    dr. (Yijun) Y Li
  • dr. (Jochen) J Pierk

    dr. (Jochen) J Pierk
  • prof.dr. (Maarten) M Pronk

    Maarten Pronk is a part-time professor of financial accounting at the Department of Business Economics, the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). He teaches…
    prof.dr. (Maarten) M Pronk
  • prof.dr. (Jeroen) JPM Suijs

    prof.dr. (Jeroen) JPM Suijs
  • (Stephanie) S van der Veen

    (Stephanie) S van der Veen
  • (Elien) E Voermans

    (Elien) E Voermans
  • dr. (Jingwen) J Zhang

    Jingwen Zhang is an assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Economics. She obtained her PhD from Tilburg University in 2017 and then joined ESE…
    dr. (Jingwen) J Zhang
  • (Patricia) P Breuer

    (Patricia) P Breuer
  • (Fatemeh) F Taghimolla

    (Fatemeh) F Taghimolla

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