Students with international diploma - Pre-master application

The application procedure for the academic year 2018-2019 for all students with an international diploma is:

  • Register in Studielink.
  • Access the EUR Admissions Portal (the link will be sent to you via email).
  • Pay the application fee. In the EUR Admissions Portal you will be directed to the payment website.
  • Upload required application documents via the EUR Admissions Portal.

Deadline for application

Deadline for students to complete their application is 1 May 2018 (this means that the final day to complete the application procedure is Monday 30 April 2018).

Please note: Make sure you have read our requirements website before continuing with your application. Also, do not upload documents with punctuation marks in the document’s title. For example: diploma.student.doc(x). These will not be processed by our application system.

Payment of the application fee

In the EUR Admissions Portal you will be required to pay the application fee of €100. By paying this fee you commission the Examination Board to process and review your application documents. It is important that you complete the payment process as indicated otherwise the system cannot register the payment. Make sure you check all your personal details carefully! After the payment is complete you will see a confirmation screen. This is the only confirmation you will receive.

You can pay the application fee by creditcard or paypal.

Please keep in mind that it can take a few days for Studielink to synchronize your registration in Studielink with the Erasmus Payment website. You can receive an error when filling in your personal data in Erasmus Payment website.

It is not possible to enquire about possible admittance. Such enquiries will not be answered. Applications will not be processed and reviewed if the application fee has not been paid. There are no exceptions possible.

Please note that the application fee will not be refunded no matter the outcome of the application decision, nor will it be refunded when an applicant wishes to withdraw the application after payment.

Apply now

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