Several distinguished economists, such as Steven Levitt, David Card, Justin Wolfers, Ulrike Malmendier and Gordon Dahl, have contributed to this literature. It illustrates that the use of sports data has a place at the frontier of economic research. Sports related publications in the top economics journals over the past years are:

  • Quarterly Journal of Economics

    Quarterly Journal of Economic

    • Price & Wolfers (2010): racial discrimination by basketball Referees
    • Card & Dahl (2011): family violence in response to unexpected American football losses
  • American Economic Review

    The American Economic Review

    • Duggan & Levitt (2002): corruption in sumo wrestling
    • DellaVigna, & Malmendier (2006): gym participation and commitment to contracts
    • Apesteguia & PalaciosHuerta (2010): decision-making under psychological pressure in football penalty taking
    • Parsons, Sulaeman, Yates & Hamermesh (2011): discrimination and the employment contracts of baseball referees
    • Kleven, Landais, & Saez, (2013): migration decisions of European football players in response to top income taxe rates
  • Journal of Political Economy logo

    Journal of Political Economy

    • Szymanski (2000): racial discrimination in the market of English football players
    • Romer (2006): rational decision making and risk avoidance by managers in American football
    • Genakos & Pagliero (2012): risk taking by contestants in major golf tournaments