Youngism: Experimental Evidence

Micro Seminar
Jana Cahlikova
Friday 1 Dec 2023, 15:30 - 16:30
Mandeville Building
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Preferences over well-being of different generations shape social, political and economic outcomes. We document systematic bias in social preferences against young adults (“youngism”), and show that it is partly due to inaccurate beliefs that young adults face relatively little hardship. In controlled experimental tasks, respondents from a Czech nationally-representative sample allocate less money to younger adults than to their own or older age groups.

(joint work with Michal Bauer, Vojtech Bartos and Julie Chytilova)

This bias is widespread and similar in size to discrimination against immigrants. Further, people underestimate the prevalence of mental health problems among young adults, and provision of accurate information increases prosocial behavior toward this age group.

Jana’s research interests are in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics, applied microeconomics, political economy, organizational economics, and development economics. Her work focuses mainly on the dark side of human social behavior, such as group biases, antisocial behavior, tax avoidance, and behavior under acute stress. She runs economic experiments (lab-in-the-field, lab, field, and online) to study how social and institutional environment affect these types of behaviors.


If you would like to schedule a meeting with her on Wednesday afternoon or Friday before the seminar, or if you’d like to join for dinner on Thursday evening or lunch on Friday, please send an email to

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