Credit conversion

After your return, there are two ways to incorporate the courses you have taken abroad. Please note that, instead of a grade, a student will obtain a PASS on the grade list for 'International Exchange' with the amount of ECTS credits that need to be incorporated.

1. Incorporating courses into elective space

In order to bring in the courses as electives, you need to submit a request (MyEUR) to the Examination Board. The Examination Board will process your request.

Please ensure to pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • With your proposal, submit at least the following information:
    • A clear description of the course(s) you want to incorporate into your elective space;
    • Institution where you took the course(s);
    • Only universities without a standard conversion as listed in the partner profiles / Free Mover students:Calculation and proof of the student workload of the course. You have to present a clear calculation of the student work load in ECTS credits.
  • Attach relevant supportive documents to your request, such as:
    • Your transcript;
    • Course literature / syllabus.

2. As an exemption from an obligatory course

If you want to convert in courses you have completed abroad as an exemption from an obligatory course, you will also need permission of the Examination Board of Erasmus School of Economics. You need to submit a request (MyEUR) to the Examination Board. The Examination Board checks your request according to the rules and regulations. In case the Examination Board does not grant you an exemption, you can still bring in the courses as electives, read the info above. 

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