Final Payment of Scholarships

Erasmus School of Economics (Additional) Scholarship

The Exchange Coordinator will assess your transcript, student report and pictures. After this, the Exchange Coordinator will commission the financial department to pay the second part of the scholarship to students who meet the requirements in March or August based on the payment information that you submitted with your exchange application.

Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ students need to submit an Erasmus School of Economics student report (please note the difference in format with the report required for Erasmus+) and pictures as well as their final learning agreement and transcript. The Exchange Coordinator will sign Part III of your Learning Agreement when the complete document corresponds (so changes to Part I should be visible in Part II) with your transcript and after the host university signed your document. Please submit your Learning Agreement to the Information Desk at H6-02.

Make sure to check the Erasmus+ guidelines as to how you should present your documents to International Office EUR. Please direct your questions about the Erasmus+ Grant to

Please note that some universities do not sign Part III of the Learning Agreement, but provide you with a transcript or separate statement that includes the exact dates of your stay. This document will then be accepted as a replacement for Part III of your Learning Agreement.

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