Course offer

Please find our course offer for incoming EMPA master exchange students below.

You are advised to take either:

  • all courses from the MSc International Public Management and Policy programme
  • OR all courses from the MSc Governance and Management in the Public Sector programme
  • OR all courses from the MSc Urban Governance programme

Please mind that incoming EMPA master exchange is only possible during the fall semester (Sept – Dec/Jan).

BlockCouse nameECTSProgramme
1Comparative Public Policy5International Public Management and Policy
1European Union Policymaking5International Public Management and Policy
1Global Governance5International Public Management and Policy
1Policy Innovation in Complex Systems5Urban Governance
2Europe in the World5International Public Management and Policy
2International Public Management5International Public Management and Policy
2International Organisations and Developments5International Public Management and Policy
1Urban governance5Urban Governance
1Governing Urban Economic Growth and Innovation5Urban Governance
2Managing Interactive Governance5Urban Governance
2Strategic Public Management5Urban Governance
2Spatiality and Justice in Urban Governance5Urban Governance


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