Erasmus SYNC Lab


Het SYNC Lab team

The Erasmus SYNC Lab consists of a group of committed researchers with varied backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience and biology. In the overview below you can click on their names to learn more about their research.

  • prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone

    prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone

    Prof. Eveline Crone is full professor in Developmental Neuroscience in Society and she leads the SYNC lab (Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected). The…
  • dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    Dr. Michelle Achterberg is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in social emotional development. In her studies, she focusses on the…
        • (Simone) S Dobbelaar

          (Simone) S Dobbelaar

          Simone Dobbelaar is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus SYNC lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the CHANGE lab at Leiden University. During her PhD, Simone…
        • (Lina) L van Drunen

          (Lina) L van Drunen

          Lina van Drunen is an external PhD candidate of Developmental Neuroscience in Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam Lina studies the individual differences in…
          • (Ilse) IH van de Groep

            (Ilse) IH van de Groep

            Ilse van de Groep is a PhD Candidate in the Erasmus Sync Lab (Rotterdam), Brain and Development Research Center (Leiden University) and the Child and Adolescent…
          • (Suzanne) SW van de Groep

            (Suzanne) SW van de Groep

            Suzanne van de Groep is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC lab ( who studies the behavioral and neural development of prosocial…
          • (Renske) LWP van der Cruijsen

            (Renske) LWP van der Cruijsen

            Renske is a PhD Candidate in the Society, Youth, and Neuroscience Connected (SYNC) lab, studying behavioural and neural development of self-concept in…
          • (Kayla) KH Green

            (Kayla) KH Green

            Kayla Green is a PhD candidate in the SYNC lab. She is particulary interested in how emotional reactivity may lead to negative developmental trajectories in…
          • (Sophie) SW Sweijen

            (Sophie) SW Sweijen

            Sophie Sweijen is a PhD candidate in the SYNC lab at the ESSB department Developmental Neuroscience in Society. She focuses on the behavioral and neural…
            • (Lysanne) LW te Brinke

              (Lysanne) LW te Brinke

              Lysanne te Brinke is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in prosocial and antisocial development. She currently works on an ERC…

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