Erasmus SYNC Lab

Scientific grants

Scientific Awards

KNAW-Hendrik Muller Award
Biannual award for contributions to behavioural and social sciences (25.000 euro)              

NWO- Spinoza Award
Highest Dutch academic award for ground-breaking research with large scientific impact (2.500.000 euro)

Ammodo Award in Social Sciences
This mid-career award is granted to individuals with outstanding scientific achievements and support fundamental research (300.000 euro).

Early Career Award in Social Sciences
This award was issued as part of the 10-year anniversary of the Dutch Network of Female Professors (LNVH). It was awarded to four female professors who were within 10 years after receiving their PhDs in the fields of social sciences, humanities, life sciences and medical sciences.

Early Career Award Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR)
The international Society of Psychophysiological Research awards yearly a researcher who has made distinguished early career contributions to psychophysiology research.

Huibregtsen Award for Excellence in Science and Communication.
The Huibregtsen Award (previously known as award for Science and Society) is awarded yearly to a scientist who does ground breaking research that has implications for society. Dutch Minister of Education hands out the award.

Junior Heymans Early Career Award
The Junior Heymans Award is awarded biannually by the Netherlands Institute for Psychology (NIP) for outstanding scientific achievements in psychology.

J.C. Ruijgrok Contributions to Social Sciences Award      
The Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and Humanities award the J.C. Ruijgrok Award for outstanding research contributions in law, economics, social sciences and humanities. It is awarded once every four years in the domain of social sciences.

Selected honours and recognitions

Elected Vice-president of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council for the domain Social Sciences and Humanities
The Scientific Council, the ERC's governing body, defines the scientific funding strategy and methodologies. Members of the council are appointed by the European Commission, and act on behalf of the scientific community in Europe to promote creativity and innovative research.

Elected Member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
Members of the KNAW represent the full spectrum of scientific and scholarly endeavour and are selected on the basis of their scientific achievements. Members are appointed for life.

Elected Member of the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and Humanities
Members of the Royal Dutch Society of Science and Humanities (the oldest scientific society in the Netherlands, founded in 1752) are selected based on scientific achievements and are appointed for life.

Elected member of the Academia Europaea
The Academia Europaea is a European, non-governmental association academy of scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education and research (2000 members, 40 Nobel laureates).

Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science (APS)
Fellow status is awarded to APS members who have made sustained outstanding contributions to the science of psychology.

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