Erasmus SYNC Lab


Het SYNC Lab team

The Erasmus SYNC Lab consists of a group of committed researchers with varied backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience and biology. In the overview below you can click on their names to learn more about their research.

  • prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone

    Prof. Eveline Crone is full professor in Developmental Neuroscience in Society and she leads the SYNC lab (Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected). The…
    prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone
  • dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    Dr. Michelle Achterberg is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in social emotional development. In her studies, she focusses on the…
    dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg
    • (Lina) L van Drunen

      Lina van Drunen is an external PhD candidate of Developmental Neuroscience in Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam Lina studies the individual differences in…
      (Lina) L van Drunen
    • dr. (Ilse) IH van de Groep, MSc

      Ilse van de Groep is a PhD Candidate in the Erasmus Sync Lab (Rotterdam), Brain and Development Research Center (Leiden University) and the Child and Adolescent…
      dr. (Ilse) IH van de Groep, MSc
    • dr. (Suzanne) SW van de Groep

      Suzanne van de Groep is an assistant professor at the department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam and affiliated with…
      dr. (Suzanne) SW van de Groep
    • (Kayla) KH Green, MSc

      Kayla Green is a PhD candidate in the [SYNC lab][]. Her work focuses on the individual differences in developmental trajectories of behavioural and neural…
      (Kayla) KH Green, MSc
    • (Sophie) SW Sweijen, MSc

      Sophie Sweijen is a PhD candidate in the SYNC lab at the ESSB department Developmental Neuroscience in Society. She focuses on the behavioral and neural…
      (Sophie) SW Sweijen, MSc
    • (Lysanne) LW te Brinke

      Lysanne te Brinke is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in prosocial and antisocial development. She currently works on an ERC…
      (Lysanne) LW te Brinke
    • Yolijn Aarts

      olijn is the project coordinator for the Gravitation program ‘Growing Up Together in Society (GUTS)’. Yolijn has a background in psychology and obtained her Master in Youth and Adolescent psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2022. Her master thesis focused on the development of cognitive control in elementary schoolchildren with internalizing symptoms.

    • Nienke Steenks – Junior researcher & Lab manager

      Nienke is involved in the citizen science project YoungXpert, where she focuses on organizing and implementing brainstorm sessions, workshops, and maintaining contact with school leaders and youth workers. Additionally, she assists with YoungXpert's recruitment and marketing efforts.

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